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What Jesus do you know?

what Jesus do you know?

Is the Jesus you know






would you like to know
the Jesus who

is intimate

gets you

enjoys you

is for you

has good things in store for you

let us help you discover the Jesus you put your faith in, and who is in you

Not just "with" you, but IN you, experiencing your every joy and sorrow, in every moment.


Because the Truth is so much better! 

Oneness Ministries is named for John 17:20-23, where Jesus prayed for oneness and unity among all Believers.

quick links to our podcasts

double take

Taking a second look at things we thought we knew all about, but discovered, wait - there's more! With Rick and Lori Fry.

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rick fry in real time

Interviews and documentaries with people you should know.

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