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A Room of Grace

A place where it is safe and welcoming, and where you can ask the “what if” questions on your mind and heart.

 Contact Lori at for more details and location.

Oneness for Guys

Men spend a majority of their time working and providing. Oneness Guys is a place for men to come together and discuss issues with each other in a safe environment. Watch for campouts, hikes, meals, and other events coming up.

Contact Rick at for more details and location.



Book-ish: Spirited Women

Women are no longer satisfied with sitting in church pews quietly listening. We want more than craft nights, marriage/parenting lessons, and tiny sandwiches. We want to go deeper, ask questions, and speak up! Each month on the 2nd Monday we will have some spirited discussions of books that may rock our boats a bit. Contact Lori at for more info.

Evening/Weekend workshops

Spend a few hours digging into things you've always wanted to know more about.

Hearing God's Heart in Divorce

Find out what scripture says about divorce in the light of God’s character, heart, and intent for His children.

Group Counseling

A small group can provide a safe place for conversations about life, guided by a certified counselor.

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A Room of Grace
Oneness for Guys
Book-ish for Spirited Women
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