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in the beginning: grace

by Pat Everett

Let’s go exploring together in the Garden of Eden to see the grace of God from the very beginning. We will use the above definition of grace to spy out God’s delight, joy, pleasure, gratification, favor, and acceptance. We will see the absolute freeness of His lovingkindness from His creation of the earth, the creation of man and more importantly in the “Fall”. We will see His only motive is His own bounty and benevolence. He is the ultimate Giver!

Available in paperback and Kindle version on Amazon.


by Pat Everett

What If Cover 2.jpeg

Many years ago, God revealed to me most of my troubles and the troubles I saw in others were based in two areas. We do not know who God is and we do not know who we are.

What If will help you answer these two life-changing questions: Who is God, and who are you? Both are better than you think and better than you know.

Available in paperback and Kindle version on Amazon.

Hearing Gods Heart front cover.jpg

Hearing god's heart in divorce

by Lori Fry

Marriage was designed by God to reflect the oneness we have with Him. Too often that oneness is not experienced by many in broken marriages. Does God insist His children stay in abusive, neglectful, or irreconcilably broken marriages at any cost? Does reconciliation necessarily mean the marriage survives?There are always going to be marriages that do not survive. As tragic as it is, God’s mercy and grace is always available for those suffering spouses through the provision of divorce.

In Hearing God’s Heart in Divorce we not only look at what Scripture says about divorce, but also focus on God’s character, heart, and intent for His children. Let’s acknowledge the wonderful truth Holy Spirit speaks to each of us, and through Him we discover forgiveness and new beginnings are not only possible, but even His Plan A.


This expanded and updated version is now available in both paperback & Kindle version on Amazon

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double souled

exploring passivity in men

by Rick Fry

As passive men, we suffer from a multi-layered disconnect from being the unique men God designed us to be. Why am I so unacceptable?  Why am I so unlovable?  Why am I always left behind?  What is this curse that boils out of control in my mind and in my heart?  I don't know who I am.  The passive man's cry is, “Somebody help me, but don't get too close.”


Find Rick's book on Amazon.

Andrew Farley

  The Naked Gospel

  God Without Religion

John Lynch

  On My Worst Day

Ralph Harris

  God's Astounding Opinion of You

Malcolm Smith

  The Power of the Blood Covenant

  This Son of Mine

Wayne Jacobsen

  He Loves Me

  Beyond Sundays

David Gregory

  If Jesus Loves Me, Why isn't This Working?

Dan Stone & David Gregory

  The Rest of the Gospel

Joseph J Pote

  So You are a Believer...Who has Been Through Divorce

Paul Ellis

  The Gospel in 10 Words

Mike Wells

  Sidetracked in the Wilderness

Louie Giglio

  Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against Your Giants

Ann Voskamp

  One Thousand Gifts


Bill Gillham

  Lifetime Guarantee

William Paul Young

  The Shack

Frank Viola

  Reimagining Church

  Pagan Christianity?

  Insurgence - Reclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom

Brennan Manning

  The Ragamuffin Gospel

  Ruthless Trust

Emily P Freeman

  Grace for the Good Girl

Francine Rivers

  Redeeming Love

Dr. Spencer Johnson

  Who Moved my Cheese?

Nabeel Qureshi

  Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

Steve Eden

  The True You

   The Absolute Worthlessness of Worry

Bob George

  Classic Christianity

Jeff VanVonderen

  The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse

   Tired of Trying to Measure Up

This is not an exhaustive list, nor do we necessarily agree with everything in these books.

However, we do trust Holy Spirit to speak to you as you read.

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