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"I see you..."

As you long for the return of the ones you love.

As you dare to dream again.

As you wait for My promises to come.

As you hesitantly trust in My provision.

As you struggle to believe I am good.

As you wait for that other shoe.

As you wonder if I’m powerful enough to take care of your needs.

As you feel like you’re just faking it much of the time.

As you think everyone else has it together.

As you feel judged by others.

As you judge yourself.

As you feel the shame that I removed.

As you long to feel free.

As you wish you could enjoy your life more.

As you so want to trust Me more.

As your heart wants to be the authentic you that I love so much.

Yes, I see all of this.

I AM doing for you.

I AM giving to you.

And I get you like no one else.

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